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Shane Cameron - Mountain Warrior

From Humble Beginnings...

Having a varied and exciting journey through life has meant I’ve encountered lots of challenges, lots of different people and learned a lot of lessons.

Boxing has taught me a lot. I’ve had success and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. But I don’t hide from them, I learn from them. Failure is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s part of life and it can be your greatest teacher. I’ve surrounded myself with people that have challenged me, they’ve supported me and I may have left school at 13 but I’ve never stopped learning. Whatever I do I give it 100%.

I have big goals. Some would call me ambitious, others would call me crazy, but I know where my strengths are. I know I can make a difference. And I know that the future for New Zealand boxing is bright!

Counterpunch gives you the tools to become the best version of you.

MEET THE MAN: from farmer, to boxer, to businessman

Shane was born in Wellington, New Zealand and raised in Tiniroto, a small farming community on the East Coast of the north island. His heritage is both Maori and European, his mother of Rongomaiwahine descent, hailing from Mahia and strong Scottish ancestry on his father’s side.

Growing up in a rural community meant there was no local boxing club so he spent all his spare time out on the farm, but that fiery Scottish blood came in handy for his late start in boxing at the age of 19. It wasn’t until he went on his OE to England that he laced up, trained hard and had his first amateur fight. “My grandfather used to fight in the early 1930s and I always liked listening to his stories. He was even boxing on the boat when he came over from Scotland at the age of seven. He’d go running up the hills at 3 in the morning and sparring with no mouthguard, headgear or proper gloves”. That shared relentless drive and determination put him in good stead to build his boxing legacy.

He trains hard, gets results and has trained alongside boxing icons like Mike Tyson.

As a professional fighter, our Mountain Warrior had a long boxing career winning 29 fights out of 34.

Now retired from boxing, he is focused on developing the Counterpunch range and managing Shane Cameron Fitness gym in Northcote, Auckland.

Shane Cameron Commonwealth Games Medalist Shane Cameron IBO Number One Mandatory Fighter

A few significant highlights of his amateur career include becoming number three in England in the cruiserweight division after only boxing for 18 months and winning a bronze medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

With 48 amateur fights under his belt, Shane turned professional in 2002 after the Games, kicking off an exciting professional career… The Mountain Warrior was born.

Shane also won the Jamieson Belt for NZ's most scientific boxer in 2001.

Fighting out of New Zealand, Australia and America, Shane quickly built a reputation as an exhilarating fighter with a good chin. Pro career highlights include sparring with boxing icons Mike Tyson and David Haye, reaching number 1 mandatory fighter in IBO and fighting for a world title in 2012.

With a 34 fight history – the most significant was fighting for a world title against Danny Green.

Shane Cameron businessman - Counterpunch Fitness and Counterpunch Boxing

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