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Speedball Swivel

This top quality speedball swivel offers speed, precision and durability in one classic professional swivel.

The weight of this swivel combined with super smooth ball bearings allows the speedball to swivel quickly enough to test the best boxers.

  • Silver nickel plated Stainless steel craftsmanship with sealed bearing professional mechanics and lightning-quick action
  • Secure master link assembly keeps speedball secure and thwarts theft
  • Guaranteed to be hard-wearing, sturdy and durable as well as maintenance-free
  • Powder-coated steel for added strength
  • Special Red Oxide anti-rust formulation

Speedballs are an essential piece of training equipment for boxers and offer a varied workout for anyone wanting a change from their usual training routine. Speedballs improve hand speed, reaction time and hand-eye coordination. They also contribute to improving upper body endurance, agility and cardio.

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