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Counterpunch 'LEVEL 2' Boxing Course with Shane Cameron – Auckland, November 2022

Course Dates

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Save $100 if you register before 31st October

PLUS: Enjoy a 30% discount on gloves and pads when you book in for one of our courses (discount code provided following registration).

Time to LEVEL UP!

If you’ve passed our level 1 course and are ready to take on your next challenge – join us for LEVEL 2!

This is our first level 2 course and will sell out with people from around NZ attending! So make you register early, get it into your diaries and get your early bird discount.

What’s involved, building on from level 1:

  • Extensive pad work
  • Multiple punch Combos
  • How to counterpunch and body punch with power and speed
  • How to move/change the angles after throwing a combination and then countering
  • Strategies for slipping and rolling effectively
  • Drills for head movement
  • Pads drills for catching body punches
  • Controlling the range between you and your boxer
  • + more!

PLEASE NOTE: You must have passed the Level 1 course to attend the level 2 course.

For further information and general enquiries please contact

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