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Freestanding Boxing Bag 2.0

This freestanding boxing bag meets your all-around workout needs and can be used at home or at the gym. EASY TO ADJUST HEIGHT TO SUIT YOUR DESIRED HEIGHT

With its freestanding design it gives you the flexibility to move it around and is perfect to use in spaces where the bag cannot be attached to a beam or ceiling.

The freestanding bag is especially good for those who want to work on combinations and speed.

It’s easy to assemble by filling the base with water/sand and then sliding the bag over the top.

  • Foam filled punch bag
  • Heavy duty reflex construction
  • Large sand or water filled base
  • Setup dimension: 165-142 x 54 x 54cm

Do not put Free Standing Bag on concrete when punching as it can rub through and water/sand will leak out. Most other surfaces are fine.

📦 PLEASE NOTE: Rural and remote deliveries may incur extra charges. If this is the case, we will contact you before shipping your order.

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