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Counterpunch Water Bags

IDEAL FOR EVERY TYPE OF BOXER from experience boxer to zero experience; from boxing champions to total beginners people of all skill levels can benefit from the Counterpunch Training Bag no matter what their level of expertise is.

REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN: The teardrop shape and water-filled interior absorb the impact of each strike, giving you an intense workout and overall enhanced training session.

BUILT TO LAST: Made with thick-walled vinyl and injection-moulded the Counterpunch Training Bags were designed to handle even the most vicious strikes. They are also UV resistant and waterproof.

ULTRA VERSATILE: The portable bag can be suspended from a ceiling mount and can handle anything thrown at it perfect for boxing training, mixed martial arts, and general fitness enthusiasts to work with.

Low impact on your joints, it's like hitting an actual body plus the bag absorbs the most powerful punches.

  • Length 65cm / Diameter 50cm
  • Capacity 50L
  • Weight 55kg or 120 Pound
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for the outdoors
  • Commercial grade PVC
  • Comes with 1.3m long heavy duty chain & shackles, a screwdriver and one spare plug
  • Plugs come with a built-in pump hole to pump out any creases that may occur
  • Bag’s are delivered empty
  • Hang the bag up empty before filling

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